Welcome to Greater Kane County Wild Ones

The Greater Kane County Illinois Chapter of Wild Ones was founded in 2009 as a chapter of Wild Ones. We  are committed to promoting the use of native plants in landscaping, gardening, naturescaping and land restoration. In April, 2021, we changed our name to from Northern Kane County Wild Ones to Greater Kane County Wild Ones.  Wild Ones is a not-for-profit environmental education and advocacy organization.

The mission of Wild Ones is to promote native plants, natural landscapes, and environmentally sound landscaping practices to preserve biodiversity through the preservation, restoration and establishment of native plant communities. Wild Ones continues to lead the natural landscaping movement as we explore, teach, and change the practice of gardening in our communities and around the country to using native plants.


Modified Plant Sale for 2021

Wild Ones of Greater Kane County (formerly Wild Ones of Northern Kane County) will be having a modified, ticketed plant sale on May 22 at Hawthorne Hill Nature Center in Elgin.

Plants from Taylor Creek Nursery, Possibility Place and more.
Whether or not you’re a member of Wild Ones, you will need a free ticket for an assigned time to enter the sale so that we can maintain social distancing.

You will need to show your ticket on your phone or in print, one person per ticket. Masks will be required in order to enter and must be word inside.

The number of people inside at any time will be limited to 50. As in other years, you may purchase plants with cash check or charge.
Rain Barrels – Two Ways to Order

Option 1)  Order and pick up from The Conservation Foundation April through September.  Pick up times are Thursdays, from 2-4 PM at McDonald Farm. You may also request home delivery for an extra $18.50 per barrel.

Option 2) Mail in your order by May 26 or order online by May 28.
Pick it up at Mary Alice’s home in Elgin, June 1, times to be scheduled later.
This order option is specifically for Wild Ones of Greater Kane County.

North Kane County


Questions or difficulties?  Email Kim at [email protected] or text 630-200-5665.

Frogs of the Chicago Region 

Please join us for a Zoom meeting as we are pleased to welcome  Dr. Allison Sacerdote-Velat on Thursday, May 27 at 7 PM. Dr. Sacerdote-Velat is the Curator of Herpetology at Chicago Academy of Sciences/Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum where she conducts research focused on conservation and restoration of local reptiles and amphibians including the smooth green snake and wood frog. She coordinates the Calling Frog Survey, which is a community science program that monitors amphibians across the Illinois region. In this program Dr. Sacerdote-Velat will be enlightening us about the identification, natural history and conservation of frogs of the Chicago region. She will also inform us about conservation research on invasive/restoration and amphibian health.

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