Tour of Lake in the Hills Fen

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On Saturday, June 23, Northern Kane County Wild Ones will tour Lake-in-the Hills-Fen. Beginning at 10:00 AM, we will meet at the Barbara Key Park at Shelter #2. Dave Schwaegler, Lake-in-the-Hills Fen plant, butterfly and bird monitor, will lead the tour. Lake-in-the-Hills Fen is nearly 500 acres of unspoiled native Illinois Landscape with dry hills prairies, sedge meadows and rare fens. We may see the rare Hill?s thistle, prairie cinquefoil, pale purple coneflowers and prairie roses as well as Dickcissels, Grasshopper Sparrow, Henslow Sparrow and Meadow Lark, Monarchs, Wood Nymphys and Baltimore Checkerspot butterflies. Pyott Rd is off Rt. 62, Algonquin Road. The Barbara Key Park entrance is 1.5 north on Pyott.  Be prepared for sun, mosquitoes and wet feet.

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