Popcorn and a Movie – More Than Honey to show this Thursday, March 27th

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More Than Honey – a film by Markus Imhoof

bee-wild-cone-smFifty years ago, Einstein had already insisted on the symbiotic relationship binding these pollen gatherers to mankind:

?If bees were to disappear from the globe,? he predicted, ?mankind would only have four years left to live.?

Over the past 15 years, numerous colonies of bees have been decimated throughout the world, but the causes of this disaster remain unknown.

Should we blame pesticides or even medication used to combat them? Maybe look at parasites such as varroa mites? New viruses? Traveling stress? The multiplication of electromagnetic waves disturbing the magnetite nanoparticles found in the bees? abdomen? Or pesticides already in some plants?

Join us to watch More Than Honey and discuss this critical issue. More information about the movie can be found by clicking here.

Map to Christ The Lord Lutheran Church,??12N462 Tina Trail, Elgin IL 60124

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